This book deepened my understanding of IBS and reinforced the importance of my role in feeling better. I very much appreciated your effort to make clinical information more easily understandable, particularly through the question and answer style and the “real-life” examples. The graphics in the book are helpful and inviting as well. This educational book will not only save time for the doctor and patient, but will also play an important part in helping the person living with IBS to feel more active in their own well-being.
— S.F., Chicago, IL

I found the question and answer format to be very helpful. I did appreciate your inclusion of medical terminology. I often find that some patient education texts tend to “dumb down” their information for the average consumer, but I don’t find this practice in your book. The inclusion of actual medical terms is very useful to the patient who may be hearing these terms while in the care of a medical professional.
— Ely W., Chicago, IL

I have had chronic constipation for 15+ years and found the material in this book very relevant to my situation. The question and answer format is excellent and insightful. You can tell they are based on real questions. I felt like I was having a lengthy conversation with Dr. Farhadi as opposed to reading a book. I am glad to know there are still treatments that can help me even though I have been struggling for so many years. I am optimistic about the future yet realistic after learning how complex the bowel is and how to manage my problem.
— S.D., Chicago, IL

It truly is a great book and people like to be aware of what they have in their own words and your book is the perfect solution.
— Laleh H. Chicago, IL

I loved the book! The book really helped me get a better understanding of my IBS. Now I feel that I am in control not my stomach. It has been a life saver.
— A.A., Chicago, IL
I found it very easy and interesting to read. It reinforces the concept that it’s not just in my “head” so to speak. Your proposition of a Dynamic Diet really clicked for me. I’ve experienced a lot of frustration and anxiety about what I shouldn’t be eating. The fact that I couldn’t find a real solid pattern, just made me feel like I wasn’t looking hard enough.
— D.K., Chicago, IL
Through this book, I’ve learned that if I control my stress and watch what I can eat, I can lessen the severity and how often I have bouts of IBS. I’ve begun work on taking care of the stress and I watch what I eat. The book is a godsend. It’s as important to me as my bible as it will help keep me from having the painful effects of IBS nearly as often as I have been.
— MaxK, Chicago, IL
What a nice informative book you have written. I loved your friendly writing style and easy-to-understand description of the complex factors that contribute to IBS symptoms. You can read my full review here: http://ibs.about.com/od/resources/fr/IHaveIBS.htm
Keep up your good IBS work and good luck with book sales!
— Barbara Bradley Bolen, Ph.D. About.com Guide to Irritable Bowel Syndrome