I am planning to get pregnant in near future. Does pregnancy affect IBS?

Dr. Farhadi: As you know, IBS mainly affects young people in their reproductive years and also affects women more than men. Thus, it is not uncommon that we encounter a pregnant IBS patient in need of management in our clinic. However, there is not much information in the literature about this combination. Based on limited studies, we know almost one-third of IBS patients experience exacerbation of their constipation and similar number complaints of diarrhea during their pregnancy Hasler WL. Overall, the management of IBS during pregnancy is similar to that of non-pregnant women. There is no safe medicine during pregnancy and the IBS medications are not an exception. However, anecdotal reports of using over-the- counter medicine to relieve constipation or diarrhea did not show any harm. Bruno M. However, I would not suggest using any medicine unless you really have to. There is no data in the literature that shows that IBS adversely affects the course of the pregnancy, the fetus or results in more complications during the pregnancy.

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