Lubiprostone Shows Efficacy in Treating IBS

Dr. William Chey and researchers at the University of Michigan reported at the 2008 DDW conference that the drug lubiprostone, when used long term by patients with IBS-related constipation, produces moderate to significant symptom relief. In the initial phase of study, the initial rate of response to the new drug in a placebo-controlled evironment was 15%, compared to 8% with the placebo. During the next phase of study, researchers selected 476 patients, who all knowingly took 8 mcg of lubiprostone twice a day, a low dose that prevented nausea. Patients who had received the placebo during the initial study showed a 31% response rate during the second phase of the study, while those who had received lubiprostone showed 37% response rate. Dr. Chey cautions that the results of the second phase may be inconclusive due to the placebo effect. However, the study shows that the drug does not adversely affect patients and that it may have beneficial effects. Medpage Today, May 20, 2008
2008-05-29 04:20:59

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