Heartburn from Low Stomach Acid

When you have heartburn, generally the first thing you do is to reach for the bottle of antacids, right? Most people think that heartburn is caused by too much gastric acid; however, too little stomach acid can also create heartburn symptoms. There are several conditions that can cause low stomach acid: low blood sugar, vitamin B deficiency, GI inflammation, H. pylori infections, and food allergies. Stress can exacerbate all these conditions. So before you reach for the antacids again, ask your doctor if low stomach acid may be the cause. The author of this study indirectly implies that in some instances of heartburn, patients are dealing with bile (alkali) reflux instead of acid reflux. The bile is secreted from the duodenum, and in some cases it refluxes back into the stomach and finally into the esophagus. Obviously, in these uncommon cases, antacid, which is an alkali agent and supposed to neutralize acid, has no role in the treatment. The diagnosis of this specific condition is not easy and needs sophisticated tests such as pH monitoring of the esophagus. empowerher.com. September 1, 2009 
2009-10-03 17:58:44

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