Dietary Dilemmas Abroad

For those with dietary restrictions, travel can be difficult at best, life threatening at worst. This article provides tips about tour groups, accommodations, restaurants, transportation, and medical issues for travelers who can’t “when in Rome, do as the Romans.” Some of the helpful suggestions including find a specialty vacation group to book your trip. Kosher Jews may choose tours offered by Kosherica. Several companies offer food allergy translation cards, and you should try to address allergies with the chef. Bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals these days offer more flexibility for people with dietary restrictions. Mass transportation systems, such as planes, trains, and buses present hazards to people with peanut allergies, so it is advised to call ahead and inquire about your options. In case of a medical emergency, it is wise to have a letter from your doctor on hand. The letter should detail your condition and how to treat it. As always bring you own allergy supplies., February 25, 2009 
2009-03-10 13:47:01

Karun Upwork