Help us to conduct research on IBS! (To participate in our survey, you must sign in)


As part of our research project, we will be conducting web surveys to learn more about IBS from you. Your assistance is essential to helping researchers find the cause and appropriate treatments for the disorder. In order to participate in our research you do not have to have IBS. In fact, we need healthy volunteers as much as we need those with IBS.

These research surveys may take a minute or two of your time; however, it is a precious gift to all IBS patients. To express our gratitude for your participation, we will share the preliminary statistics of the research and will provide you with a coupon for two dollar discount off of your purchase from website. Any data that you provide as part of the survey will be anonymous and your personal information will not be shared with ANY third parties. Please see our terms and conditions.

Please take the "Do I Have IBS?" survey prior to taking any other surveys.


  • Exercise & IBS
  • Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
  • Oral Hygiene and IBS